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One to watch – Blanche Macdonald Makeup grad Candice Johnson is a MAC makeup artist and is also generating heat with her freelance career. Blanche Macdonald Center, Vancouver

“I basically didn’t have to touch the face or skin for that shoot with you, so it makes it easy for me! Not sure if I told you, but definitely the best MUA I’ve worked with” – Ryan Maclean (Photographer), Vancouver.

I have worked with Candice D. Johnson  a few times now. My first impression was a good mua. Now it’s such a treat to see this young artist transform to be one of my top 5 mua’s in Vancouver. This girl is amazing with her techniques and yet I feel she is still evolving. Not to mention that she also has a talent for photography. I can’t wait to see her grow as artistically over the future years. – Viktoriya Kozik (Model), Vancouver.

So I’m driving home and just more than a little overwhelm at how truely fabulous and talented you are. Blessed and Grateful. XO! – Mita ( Creative Director at Lotus Eye Productions), Vancouver.

OMG Candice! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful art on our bodies! We rocked the parade hard and the crowd loved us, felt like a movie star… what a high!!! Didn’t scrub off the awesome work you did until 4AM. xo – Kari (Client), Vancouver
 You’re so professional and your work is insanely good. We’ll definitely be calling you for other events! -Mojan (Client), Vancouver
These ones are straight out of camera- I don’t know what post I could do on them – the look and the make-up is so perfect already!!  Nausher Banaji (photographer), Vancouver
I was very happy with my service and results. I felt my opinions were taken seriously and my request for changes and comments were never made awkward but welcomed. I really appreciated that. Very talented artist! So happy I got her for my wedding makeup and hair 🙂 Shahla (Bridal Client), Vancouver
I just wanted to say that Candice is AWESOME! She was really welcoming and friendly at her place were we started the make-up and then really great  at the photo session. Really helpful. And the look of the photos with the make-up/hair she did is so amazing. I’m going to have a tough time picking my photos.
Thanks so much! Karen (Actress & Client), Vancouver
Thank you SO much for giving me pretty hair and makeup last night! Everyone loved it, especially the eyes. You are one amazing artist! Yvonne (Client), Vancouver.

Finally got to collaborate with local swimwear designer, Sandra Salcedo, to photograph her 2013 bikini line. Candice D. Johnson did a killer job on the hair & makeup that day. – Pete Jones Photography, Vancouver.

Absolutely love how your work has evolved so much! You’re so talented. – Natahsha Priya Photography, Vancouver
Thanks again for your amazing work last weekend! We all looked and felt great 🙂 – Saren (Extra for Fine Times Music video and Project Manager at Light Organ Records), Vancouver

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our hair & make up for my wedding!! – Ellen (Client), Vancouver.

Candice is wonderful! So talented and fun to work with. Megan Babee (model), Vancouver.

I’ve worked with Candice a number of times, and she always nails it. Her work is very precise and never fails to look amazing (Did I mention she can do hair too)!
She has a unique artistic eye and is a great person to collaborate with, I’m always happy with our results. It’s safe to say that she is, hands down, one of the most talented makeup artists I’ve ever worked with. – Lanaya Flavelle Photography, Vancouver

Candice is definitely one of my favourite makeup artists EVER – Lanaya Flavelle Photography, Vancouver.

So I was watching Face-Off last night, I had never seen it before and they did a gender swap and some did aging make-up and for real…You can do that times 10! After seeing these people who apparently have mass amounts of talent made me understand how truly talented you are. You could kick their Ass! Keep in up and you will be more famous than the stars you work on!  – Katelyn, Saskatchewan
 You my friend, will do wonderful beautiful things! Keep posting! I love seeing your work and bragging about you! – Katherine, Saskatchewan

Your work is astounding. Such a pleasure to see such amazing artistry. – Mischa (model), Vancouver

 I love seeing your work! You are incredibly talented!!! You were definitely created to be a creative soul! Beautiful work. – Dani, Saskatchewan
Candice, you are an awesome girl with so many things going for you. But not just that you have the character, and the honesty, and the strength to take you where you need to go, and to show the world who you are. What you have to give is invaluable! – Brad, Weyburn

Again, I was so happy with my hair and make up. Candice did an AMAZING job!!Christine (Bridal Client), Vancouver

It honestly amazes me and the young talent we have here in Vancouver. Girls not even out of school yet or even just graduated they just blow my mind more and more everyday. Candice, it takes a lot to make me speechless and girl I can assure you that you will be going somewhere with this raw talent you have. I hope I have the pleasure of working with you in future xx. – Captured by Chelzea (photographer), Vancouver
Absolutely stunning work Candice. – Pascal, Saskatoon
I just wanted to tell you how much talent you have and how much I appreciate it……its a true gift you have and want to congratulate you on all your success ….keep your head up ……………and yes you can make a living out of this make-up business thing. – Elka (makeup artist), Vancouver
It was an amazing shoot. I had goosebumps when I looked at them on the camera! – Hazar (photographer), Vancouver
Candice does amazing work! Mad props. – Claudia (Client), Richmond
Candice Johnson: gifted make up artist, emphasis on the ‘artist’, was focused, respectful and above all in a beautiful, creative zone as she worked smoothly and quickly through the make up transitions. Let me give this goddess credit where credit’s due! I was laughing and talking and chirping away with everyone which let’s be honest is not easy to work with if you’re doing someone’s make up( I’m an energetic ball of fire at the best of times:). Candice would stop and respectfully wait till I was done or gently remind me she needed my eyes shut etc. A PLEASURE to work alongside with. – Carol Cox (Singer), Vancouver
Reading your blog… you are so talented and amazing, I’m so happy for you!!!! P.S. congrats on winning at the ABAs! OMG look at your make up!! So excited for you!! Good luck (not that you need it) – Lindsay, Vancouver

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